Appalachian Lutheran League

The APPALACHIAN LUTHERAN LEAGUE is a regional mission which shall witness to Christ through communication, ministry, and evangelization.

  • Communicate (Romans 1:11-12) to Appalachian Christians and supporters by way of newsletter and website. 
  • Minister (Galatians 6:10) to Appalachian Lutherans in the LC-MS who have no pastor.
  • Evangelize (2 Corinthians 5:20) to Appalachian believers and unbelievers who express a desire for confessional Lutheran doctrine.

Update: Appalachian Lutheran League has received initial donations to carry us through the startup process from congregations and individuals. Soli Dei Gloria!!!

Goals for 2024:

  • First issue of “The Appalachian Lutheran” newsletter published and distributed in 2024 in print and electronic.
  • Appalachian Lutheran League website launched.
    • Provide a listing of Appalachian LC-MS vacancies in WV, eastern KY, and southern OH.
    • Provide a liaison(s) that communicates available preachers to these vacancies, fulfilling Divine Service needs.
    • Provide resources for leaders in vacant congregations to provide Worship Service needs.
    • Provide a liaison(s) that communicates shut-in visit needs of vacant congregations.
    • Provide a link for electronic donations.
    • Begin a line of communication with those already expressing a desire for confessional Lutheran doctrine.
    • Provide a contact form for individuals seeking Lutheran doctrine
  • Short video published for fund-raising efforts

Goals for 2025:

  • Regularly Preaching the Gospel to identified vacancy congregations.
    • Provide Bibles, catechisms, and hymnals as needed
  • Identify nominees for initial board of directors from throughout the Appalachia region.
    • Board to plan how to finance and fill vacancies long-term, including fund-raising for an Appalachian Circuit Rider (missionary)
  • File for 501c3 designation
  • Work with new congregations and people who desire Lutheran doctrine to be taught and preached, and Preach the Gospel of Christ to them.

Long-term goals

  • Expand the region from WV, eastern KY, & southern OH to the rest of Appalachia.
  • Call and place an Appalachian Circuit Rider to serve.

What donations will be used toward:

  • Communication
    • Website and fees associated with upkeep ($250/year)
    • Newsletter printing, mailing, and mass e-mailing ($150-200/quarter)
  • Ministry & Evangelism
    • Printed material: Bibles, Catechisms, & Hymnals 
    • Missionary startup costs for an Appalachian Circuit Rider
    • 501c3 Application ($275), provides a 80% discount for electronic giving

If today, you would like to donate, please write a check to “St. Paul Lutheran Church,” with Appalachian Lutheran League in the memo line. Checks can be mailed to: 3500 Broad St., Parkersburg, WV 26104. 

The Appalachian Lutheran League began out of the earnest desire of the SE3 circuit of the Ohio District to share the Gospel in Appalachia and is gaining support of pastors and leaders in other circuits and districts. Pray to the Lord that He leads us to where He wants us to go and preach the Gospel (Acts 13:1-3). If you have any questions my email is [email protected], and my cell is 607-398-8354.