Illness Prevention

Dear Friends and Members of St. Paul,

After much prayerful consideration and with a desire to faithfully serve the best interests of the congregation of St. Paul Lutheran Church, and the government that God has so graciously provided, the decision to suspend services for the next 15 days (starting 3/18/20), in accordance with government guidelines, has been made by the Pastor and Elders.

This decision has not been made lightly. Please consider the fact that should even one person come to harm by our failing to act in this manner, we would not be fulfilling God’s command that we “love our neighbor”. This particular disease has a higher mortality rate than others we have had in the past. For those in high risk groups, this is the only way to protect them. Keep in mind the disease can be spread by those with minimal or NO symptoms, to other family members at home.

During this time, we would like to point you to the following resources…. – Our church website, please check here for updates. -Provides a complete, professionally produced LCMS service each week.

In addition, Pastor will be distributing devotional materials by email. Please let us know if you need these in some other form.

Please continue to pray for all involved…

In Christ,
Pastor and Elders of St. Paul.